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As a young and active research group, we are always looking for new and highly motivated group members, who write their bachelor and master thesis with us or to pursue their PhD project. Feel free to contact us anytime!

Quantum optics is a versatile and topical field of research at the interface of different research areas. Topics range from the simulation and analysis of quantum gases close to experiments to fundamental questions about the validity of established physical theories.

The Theoretical Quantum Optics group was established at the Institute in 2021. Since the team is currently still growing, there is a lot of room for ideas of new group members. Within a small group, there is close supervision of theses and PhD projects with lively discussions. Most of the topics are integrated into larger research projects, so there are many opportunities for cooperation with external partners. During your thesis you will have the chance to get a taste of “everyday research life” at TU Darmstadt.

The most importantly: enthusiasm for physics, the ability to work in a team and fun at discussions about physics. For theses, basic knowledge in quantum optics is an advantage, but not a mandatory requirement. For PhDs, enthusiasm for independent, theoretical research within quantum optics is required.

We currently have several open for bachelor and master theses, learn more .

Feel free to contact for more information about possible PhD topics. Currently, some PhD positions are vacant and we expect to receive another position within the INTENTAS project momentarily. We welcome your interest and application.

Postdoctoral positions in the Theoretical Quantum Optics group may be possible through stipends, grants or similar funding opportunities. Contact us if you are interested.