The Experimental Solid State Quantum Optics group is embedded in a diverse and lively research environment at TU Darmstadt. The focus of the Department of Physics lies on Modern Optics, Condensed Matter Physics, and Nuclear Physics. Each topic is the subject of both theoretical and experimental research. The Institute of Applied Physics, where the group is located, specializes among others in Modern Optics with a focus on quantum technologies. Fruitful collaborations between the groups there are possible and ongoing. Furthermore, links to the Institute for Condensed Matter Physics are present, in particular to the topic of hybrid quantum systems. Based on quantum simulation activities connection to the Institute of Nuclear Physics is given. In general, the group is involved in a multitude of international and national collaboration activities (e.g. among others, with ICFO, CNRS, or Fraunhofer IOF).

With the focus of the Institute of Applied Physics on quantum technologies, quantum metrology, quantum communication, quantum information processing and quantum optics as well as the research area Modern Optics of the Department of Physics, the TU Darmstadt represents the ideal environment for the Experimental Solid State Quantum Optics group.