Quantum Information Processing Systems

Quantum Information Processing with Atoms

Defect-free cluster of 111 single atoms
Defect-free cluster of 111 single atoms

Ultracold neutral atoms confined in two dimensional periodic potentials represent highly controllable quantum information systems with long coherence times. In our experiment, we use sets of optical micro-potentials created by micro-fabricated lens arrays as the architecture for a scalable quantum processor.
The microtrap array accesses the regime of collisional blockade, which allows us to probe single atoms in a site-selective fashion using advanced detection schemes with high efficiency and reliability. In addition to the stable and reproducible operation of the dipole trap array, employing microoptics ensures single site addressability. We are able to control each potential well separately utilizing a spatial light modulator. The combined system allows for the creation of arbitrary trap configurations as well as for flexible, site-specific, but also parallelized initialization and coherent manipulation of separated small ensembles or single 85Rb atoms.