Detecting mysterious dark matter with atomic clouds

Publications in special issue of AVS Quantum Science

2024/03/07 by

Physicists are still puzzled by the nature of much of the matter in the universe. Previous attempts to find it have been unsuccessful. Now, physicists at Technicla University Darmstadt have shown how so-called quantum sensors could work.


The following three articles by the Darmstadt team appeared in the special Large Scale Quantum Detectors issue of AVS Quantum Science magazine:

Alexander Bott., Fabio Di Pumpo, Enno Giese: Atomic diffraction from single-photon transitions in gravity and Standard-Model extensions

Daniel Derr, Enno Giese: Clock transitions versus Bragg diffraction in atom-interferometric dark-matter detection

Fabio Di Pumpo, Alexander Friedrich, Enno Giese: Optimal baseline exploitation in vertical dark-matter detectors based on atom interferometry