Research Focus

The aim of our work is to expand knowledge about quantum systems through our fundamental research with the main focus on the manipulation and control of these systems. We develop lasers and their capabilities with a view to creating new applications and promoting their use in sensor technology. We also have cooperation partners in the industry in this area.

Picture: Katrin Binner

Our expertise

• Laser spectroscopy • Laser physics and applications • Quantum optics • Quantum information • Environmental sensing • Atomic and molecular physics

  • Various spectroscopic techniques (absorption, LIF, quantum beat spectroscopy, photo/field-ionization)
  • Laser development (development of external cavity diode lasers with extended mode-hop free tuning, various injection seeded 532 nm Nd:YAG pumped Ti:Sapphire lasers, novel intra-cavity second harmonic generation for type-II crystals, intra-cavity pulse modulation for linewidth narrowing of an Alexandrite laser, dual-wavelength injection seeding of a flashlamp pumped Ti:Sapphire, narrow linewidth fiber amplifier, optical parametric oscillator)
  • Design, setup, and maintenance of HV and UHV chambers
  • Design and setup of high temperature supersonic nozzles
  • Design and setup of high-efficiency detectors for atoms
  • Design and setup of electron/ion lenses
  • Environmental sensing based on lasers
  • Installation/programming of data acquisition systems (IEEE, DAC, FPGA based, Frame Grabber)
  • Monte-Carlo simulations, numerical methods

Special equipment of our group includes

  • Various fiber amplifiers including fiber-coupled pump lasers
  • Cw Ti:Sapphire lasers
  • Injection seeded, pulsed Ti:Sapphire lasers with ns-pulse duration and Fourier transform limited linewidth (spectral coverage via non-linear frequency conversion 200 nm – 6000 nm)
  • Injection seeded flashlamp pumpd Nd:YAG laser
  • external cavity diode lasers
  • DPSS laser
  • HeNe laser
  • UV enhanced EM-CCD camera
  • Fast iCCD camera
  • various instruments for measurement and characterization of light (optical spectrum analyzer, digital oscilloscopes, power and energy meters, wavelength meter, Fabry-Perot interferometers, photon counters, boxcar integrators, etc.)