Quantum Information Theory (Winter 2012/2013)

Location / Time

05 - 14 March 2013
S1|03 Rm. 125
10:30 -- 12 and 13:30 -- 16:30


Dr. Joseph M. Renes
Email: renes@phys.ethz.ch


Mar 16: The notes on the quantum Fourier transform have been updated.
Mar 11: The web page has been updated to include lecture notes on information theory.
Mar 05: The syllabus has been updated.
Feb 01: Problem Set 1 and solution have been updated.


Fri 16 Nov Introduction
Fri 14 Dec Classical and Quantum Probability
QubitsProblem Set #1
Fri 01 Feb Recitation SectionSolution Set #1
Tue 05 Mar Multiple Systems & EntanglementProblem Set #2
Mixed States
Wed 06 Mar Recitation SessionSolution Set #2
Generalized MeasurementProblem Set #3
Quantum Operations
Thu 07 Mar Recitation SessionSolution Set #3
Bell Inequalities (CHSH game not examinable)Problem Set #4
Quantum Computation: Basics
(non-circuit-based computation not examinable)
Fri 08 Mar Recitation SessionSolution Set #4
Grover's and Simon's Algorithms
Mon 11 Mar Recitation Session
Phase estimation
Order Finding
Tue 12 Mar Snow Day!
Wed 13 Mar Entropy and Data Compression
Universal Compression & Entropy of Several Variables
Noisy Channel Coding (not examinable)Problem Set #5
Thu 14 Mar von Neumann entropy and Schumacher Compression
Recitation SectionSolution Set #5
Strong SubadditivityProblem Set #6 (not examinable)
Entanglement Criteria (not examinable)Solution Set #6 (not examinable)

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