Joseph M. Renes --- Publications
  1. Duality of Privacy Amplification Against Quantum Adversaries and Data Compression with Quantum Side Information
    Joseph M. Renes
    Proceedings of the Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Science 18 (2010).
    arXiv:1003.0703 [quant-ph]

  2. Quantum Computational Renormalization in the Haldane Phase
    Stephen D. Bartlett, Gavin K. Brennen, Akimasa Miyake, and Joseph M. Renes
    Physical Review Letters 105, 110502 (2010).
    arXiv:1004.4906 [quant-ph]

  3. The Uncertainty Principle in the Presence of Quantum Memory
    Mario Berta, Matthias Christandl, Roger Colbeck, Joseph M. Renes, and Renato Renner
    Nature Physics 6, 659-662 (2010).
    arXiv:0909.0950 [quant-ph]

  4. Conjectured Strong Complementary Information Tradeoff
    Joseph M. Renes and Jean-Christian Boileau
    Physical Review Letters 103, 020402-4 (2009).
    arXiv:0806.3984 [quant-ph]

  5. Optimal State Merging Without Decoupling
    Jean-Christian Boileau and Joseph M. Renes
    in Proceedings of the Fourth Workshop on Theory of Quantum Computation, Communication, and Cryptography,
    edited by A. M. Childs and M. Mosca (Springer Verlag, Berlin, 2009).
    Lecture Notes in Computer Science 5906, 76 (2009).
    arXiv:0905.1324 [quant-ph]

  6. Symmetric Extension in Two-Way Quantum Key Distribution
    Geir Ove Myhr, Joseph M. Renes, Andrew C. Doherty, and Norbert Lütkenhaus
    Physical Review A 79, 042329-10 (2009).
    arXiv:0812.3607 [quant-ph]

  7. Physical Underpinnings of Privacy
    Joseph M. Renes and Jean-Christian Boileau
    Physical Review A 78, 032335-12 (2008).
    arXiv:0308.3096 [quant-ph]

  8. Improved One-Way Rates for BB84 and 6-State Protocols
    Oliver Kern and Joseph M. Renes
    Quantum Information and Computation 8, 756-772 (2008).
    arXiv:0712.1494 [quant-ph]

  9. Structured Codes Improve the Bennett-Brassard-84 Quantum Key Rate
    Graeme Smith, Joseph M. Renes, and John A. Smolin
    Physical Review Letters 100, 170502-4 (2008).

  10. Equiangular Tight Frames from Paley Tournaments
    Joseph M. Renes
    Linear Algebra and Its Applications 426, 497-501 (2007).

  11. Noisy Processing and Distillation of Private Quantum States
    Joseph M. Renes and Graeme Smith
    Physical Review Letters 98, 020502 (2007).

  12. Generalized Decoding, Effective Channels, and Simplified Security Proofs in Quantum Key Distribution
    Joseph M. Renes and Markus Grassl
    Physical Review A 74, 022317-9 (2006).

  13. Unconditional Security of a Three State Quantum Key Distribution Protocol
    J.-C. Boileau, K. Tamaki, J. Batuwantudawe, R. Laflamme, and Joseph M. Renes
    Physical Review Letters 94, 040503-4 (2005).

  14. Equiangular Spherical Codes in Quantum Cryptography
    Joseph M. Renes
    Quantum Information and Computation 5, 081-092 (2005).

  15. Spherical-Code Key-Distribution Protocols for Qubits
    Joseph M. Renes
    Physical Review A 70, 052314 (2004).

  16. Optimal Protocols and Tradeoffs in Quantum Key Distribution
    Joseph M. Renes
    in Proceedings of the Seventh International Conference on Quantum Communication, Measurement and Computing,
    edited by S. M. Barnett, O. Hirota, P. Ohberg, J. Jeffers, and E. Andersson (American Institute of Physics, Melville, NY, 2004).
    AIP Conference Proceedings 734, 327-330 (2004).

  17. Symmetric Informationally Complete Quantum Measurements
    Joseph M. Renes, Robin Blume-Kohout, A. J. Scott, and Carlton M. Caves
    Journal of Mathematical Physics 45, 2171-2180 (2004).

  18. Gleason-Type Derivations of the Quantum Probability Rule for Generalized Measurements
    Carlton M. Caves, Christopher A. Fuchs, Kiran K. Manne, and Joseph M. Renes
    Foundations of Physics 34, 193-209 (2004).

  19. Quantum Information and Precision Measurement
    Andrew M. Childs, John Preskill, and Joseph M. Renes
    Journal of Modern Optics 47, 155-176 (2000).


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