i Theoretische Quantenphysik

Theoretical Quantum Physics Group

List of People

The following people are currently members of the Theoretical Quantum Physics Group:

Head of the group

Gernot Alber  Prof. Dr. Gernot Alber
 phone: +49-6151-16-20400
 email: gernot.alber@physik.tu-...
 room: S2-09/2


Dagmar Kutschera  Dagmar Kutschera
 phone: +49-6151-16-20401
 email: dagmar.kutschera@physik.tu-...
 room: S2-09/1
Christine Schütze  Christine Schütze
 phone: +49-6151-16-20321
 email: christine.schuetze@physik.tu-...
 room: S2-09/1

PhD students

Thorsten Haase  Thorsten Haase, M. Sc.
 phone: +49-6151-16-20408
 email: thorsten.haase@physik.tu-...
 room: S2-09/100
Alexander Sauer  Alexander Sauer, M. Sc.
 phone: +49-6151-16-20408
 email: alexander.sauer@physik.tu-...
 room: S2-09/100

Master students

Vassilios Marakis  Vassilios Marakis, B. Sc.
 phone: +49-6151-16-20325
 email: vassilios.marakis {AT} googlemail.com
 room: S2-09/101
Maximilian Schumacher  Maximilian Schumacher, B. Sc.
 phone: +49-6151-16-20325
 email: schumacher.max92 {AT} googlemail.com
 room: S2/09, 101
Simon Undt  Simon Undt, B. Sc.
 phone: +49-6151-16-20404
 email: simon.undt@doulos.de
 room: S2-09/02

Bachelor students

Marvin Gajewski  Marvin Gajewski
 phone: +49-6151-16-20326
 email: marvingajewski@googlemail.com
 room: S2-15/141
Marcel Humbert  Marcel Humbert
 phone: +49-6151-16-20326
 email: humbert.marcel@t-online.de
 room: S2-15/141
Gabriel Mc Cracken  Gabriel Mc Cracken
 phone: +49-6151-16-20326
 email: g.simon.mcc@t-online.de
 room: S2-15/141
Rene Zucker  Rene Zucker
 phone: +49-6151-16-20404
 email: rene-zucker@hotmail.de
 room: S2-09/02

Guest professors

Chris Charnes  Dr. Chris Charnes (also at CASED)
 phone: n.a.
 email: ccharnes {AT} gmail.com
 room: n.a.
A. R. P. Rau  Prof. A. R. P. Rau (Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge)
 phone: n.a.
 email: arau {AT} phys.lsu.edu
 room: n.a.


József Zsolt Bernád  Dr. József Zsolt Bernád (University of Malta)
 phone: n.a.
 email: zsolt.bernad {AT} um.edu.mt
 room: n.a.
Malte Brandy  Malte Brandy, M. Sc. (TU Darmstadt, Fachbereich Mathematik, AG Didaktik)
 phone: +49-6151-16-22448
 email: brandy {AT} mathematik.tu...
 room: S2-15/233
Georgios Nikolopoulos  Dr. Georgios Nikolopoulos (Foundation for Research and Technology, Heraklion)
 phone: n.a.
 email: n.a.
 room: n.a.
Prof. Ian C. Percival (Queen Mary, University of London)
Prof. Dr. Igor Jex (Czech Technical University in Prague)


Prof. Dr. Gernot Alber

Institut für Angewandte Physik

Hochschulstraße 4a
64289 Darmstadt, Germany

+49-6151/16-20400 (fax: 20402)

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