Dr. rer. nat. Oliver Kern

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  1. O. Kern, G. Alber, and D. L. Shepelyansky:
    Quantum error correction of coherent errors by randomization
    The European Physical Journal D 32 (1), 153-156 (2005)
    PDF (235 KB); cf. Preprint quant-ph/0407262v1
  2. O. Kern and G. Alber:
    Suppressing decoherence of quantum algorithms by jump codes
    The European Physical Journal D 36 (2), 241-248 (2005)
    PDF (231 KB); cf. Preprint quant-ph/0506037v1
  3. O. Kern and G. Alber:
    Controlling Quantum Systems by Embedded Dynamical Decoupling Schemes
    Physical Review Letters 95 (25), 250501 (2005)
    PDF (534 KB); cf. Preprint quant-ph/0506038v1
  4. O. Kern and G. Alber:
    Selective recoupling and stochastic dynamical decoupling
    Physical Review A 73 (6), 062302 (2006)
    PDF (1102 KB); cf. Preprint quant-ph/0602167v1
  5. D. Geberth, O. Kern, G. Alber and I. Jex:
    Stabilization of quantum information by combined dynamical decoupling and detected-jump error correction
    The European Physical Journal D 46 (2), 381-394 (2008)
    PDF (374 KB); cf. Preprint 0712.1480v1
  6. O. Kern and J. M. Renes:
    Improved one-way rates for BB84 and 6-state protocols
    Quantum Information & Computation 8 (8/9), 0756-0772 (2008)
    PDF (251 KB); cf. Preprint 0712.1494v2
  7. O. Kern, K. S. Ranade and U. Seyfarth:
    Complete sets of cyclic mutually unbiased bases in even prime power dimensions
    J. Phys. A: Math. Theor. 43 (27), 275305 (2010)
    PDF (230 KB); cf. Preprint 0912.4661v1

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O. Kern

Dr. rer. nat. Oliver Kern

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