SBSL Cell (middle) and photomultiplier.

Single Bubble Sonoluminescence (SBSL)

A single small bubble is levitated in a water filled cell and driven with high amplitude ultrasound. Strongly nonlinear oscillations of the bubble are seen. During highest compression at minimum radius (collapse) a light flash and a pressure shock wave are emitted.

In a water filled container a standing wave is produced by an arrangement of cylindrical piezo ceramic transducers. Near the center of the cell a gas bubble can be captured and levitated. In certain parameter regions, sonoluminescence light radiation is seen to be originating from the bubble. The driving frequency is about 20 kHz, the driving sound pressures are about 1.1 to 1.5 bars for this phenomenon to occur. Temperatures in the bubble can be estimated to reach up to 40,000 K, and pressures up to 100,000 bars.

These conditions are appropriate for a plasma to exist for very brief moments within the bubble. Instabilities limit the existence of these extreme conditions. Chemical, diffusional and mechanical stabilities have to be fullfilled, so that this effect can be sustained for long times.

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