Experimental analysis of different systems are conducted. Numerical methods and software packages are developed.

Sonoluminescence Cell


A single bubble is levitated in a a water filled cavity with the help of ultra sound. Above a critical sound intensity the bubble starts to emit light pulses of ultra short pulse length. Shock waves are radiated into the fluid. The temperature in the bubble exceeds 20,000 K thus igniting chemical and plasma physical processes in the bubble. Highly nonlinear oscillations are seen together with chemical, diffusional and mechanical instabilities (Opens internal link in current windowmore ...).

Cavitation Bubbles

Acoustic Cavitation

Ultra sound of high intensity is focused in water. Millions of tiny bubbles appear in the liquid, arranging to form a moving dentritic structure. The bubbles oscillate nonlinearly and radiate sound. The radiated sound spectrum may show harmonic and subharmonic frequencies and also be broadband chaotic. Also light emissions are detected that are generated by the adiabatic compression of the bubbles.  (Opens internal link in current windowmore ...).


Dr. Joachim Holzfuss

Nichtlineare Physik
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