Darmstadt, 20.01.2010

Press Release: "Acoustic energy radiated by bubbles"

Emitted bubble sound my damage wafers upon cleaning

Bubbles in water are irradiated by sound whereby they show nonlinear collapse-like oscillations. These highly energetic events give rise to shock wave and pressure pulse acoustic emissions that may exceed the ambient pressure ten thousand times. This effect is used as ultrasound cleaning especially by the computer chip wafer industry, where it has been observed that an increasing amount of chip failures originate during cleaning of recent 50 nanometre-sized structures. The physically possible parameter space of the bubbles has been calculated by identifying the limiting effects. The emitted sound energies are calculated which agree remarkably with existing experimental data. The results show that the radiated sound may be implicated as responsible for the interaction with nearby mechanical structures, which will fail if they cannot withstand the calculated acoustical energies.

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Dr. Joachim Holzfuss

Nichtlineare Physik
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Technische Universität Darmstadt
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