Darmstadt, 20.01.2010

Paper published by Royal Society

Acoustic energy radiated by strongly driven bubbles

We are happy to annonunce that our latest manuscript entitled "Acoustic energy radiated by nonlinear spherical oscillations of strongly driven bubbles" has been  published in the Proceedings of the Royal Society A. 

Abstract: Based on the theory of F. Gilmore (1952) for radial oscillations of a bubble in a compressible medium the sound emission of bubbles in water driven by high amplitude ultrasound is calculated. The model is augmented to include expressions for a variable polytropic exponent, hardcore and water vapour. Radiated acoustic energies are calculated within a quasi-acoustic approximation and also a shock wave model. Isoenergy lines are shown for driving frequencies of 23.5 kHz and 1 MHz. Together with  calculations of stability against surface wave oscillations leading to fragmentation, the physically relevant parameter space for the bubble radii is found. Its upper limit is around 6 µm for the lower frequency driving and 1-3 µm for the higher. The radiated acoustic energy of a single bubble driven in the kHz range is calculated to be on the order of 100 nJ per driving period, a bubble driven in the MHz range reaches 2 orders of magnitude less.
The results for the first have applications in sonoluminescence research. MHz frequencies are widely used in wafer cleaning, where radiated sound may be implicated as responsible for the damage of nanometre-sized structures.

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Von: Joachim Holzfuss

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