Press Release: "Acoustic energy radiated by bubbles"

Emitted bubble sound my damage wafers upon cleaning

Bubbles in water are irradiated by sound whereby they show nonlinear collapse-like oscillations. These highly energetic events give rise to shock wave and pressure pulse acoustic emissions that may exceed the ambient pressure ten thousand times. This effect is used as ultrasound cleaning especially... weiter......


Paper published by Royal Society

Acoustic energy radiated by strongly driven bubbles

We are happy to annonunce that our latest manuscript entitled "Acoustic energy radiated by nonlinear spherical oscillations of strongly driven bubbles" has been  published in the Proceedings of the Royal Society A.  Abstract: Based on the theory of F. Gilmore (1952) for... weiter......


Chemical oscillations of driven, air-seeded bubbles published

Very low frequency modulations found, published as Rapid Communication in PRE.

Abstract: Chemical oscillations are shown to be responsible for very low frequency modulations of a bubble oscillating nonlinearly in a high intensity ultrasound field. In the parameter space of incomplete dissociation near the onset of sonoluminescence a small bubble is shown to grow on a long... weiter......


Surface Wave Instabilities paper published in Phys. Rev. E

Period Doubling, Approximate Universal Boundary of Stability found

Abstract: Numerical results are presented for hydrodynamic instabilities surrounding the parameter space of sonoluminescing bubbles. The Rayleigh-Taylor instability is shown to limit bubble oscillations only at a small region near a border at small radii in noisy environments. Also, two different... weiter......


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