Injection locked cw Ti:Sapphire

We demonstrated an injection locked, single-mode, cw ring-Ti:Sapphire laser pumped by a solid-state, diode pumped green laser.

Output Spectrum


Th. Amthor, M. Sinther und Th. Walther, An injection-seeded, single-mode continuous wave Ti:sapphire laser, Laser Physics Letters 3 (2006) 75-78

Pulsed Ti:Sapphire Laser with Large Spetral Coverage

We have developed an injection seeded, pulsed Ti:saphire laser generating near Fourier-Transfrom limited pulses in the ns-regime. Due to its excellent beam profile, narrow linewidth very high conversion efficiencies in the second-, third- and fourth harmonic can be achieved. Furthermore, since the laser has a short cavity it features a very stable and relatively short build-up time. Therefore non-linear frequency generation such as sum frequency and difference frequency generation with the pump radiation of 532 nm and its fundamental at 1064 nm can be achieved. Thus, the laser system is capable of covering a spectral range of 190 nm to 6000 nm.

Setup of the injection seeded Ti:saphire laser featuring a triangular cavity and enabling various non-linear frequency conversion schemes.
Time-averaged frequency spectrum of the output recorded by a slowly scanning Fabry-Perot interferometer
Build-up time as a function of wave length.
Total spectral coverage possible.


D. Depenheuer, J. Kohl-Landgraf, H. Gläßer, Th. Walther, A pulsed laser system with large spectral coverage by nonlinear frequency conversion appeared online Applied Physics B (2009)

Dual Frequency Ti:Sapphire Laser

Setup of the Ti:sapphire laser. It is simultaneously seeded by the radiation of two independent external cavity diode lasers. Since it is run as a regenerative amplifier no mode competition occurs.


C. Tian, Th. Walther, R. Nicolaescu, X.J. Pan, Y. Liao and E.S. Fry, Synchronous, dual-wavelength, injection-seeded amplification of 5 ns pulses in a flashlamp-pumped Ti:sapphire laser, Opt. Lett. 24 (1999) 1496-1498

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