CW Nd-doped fiber amplifiers

We demonstrated amplifying the output of a MISER to several Watt power without increasing its line width.

Output power as a function of pump power. The output power was limited by the available pump power.
Spectra of the output of the fiber amplifier. (a) broadband spectrum (b) Spectrum of scanning Fabry-Perot interferometer (the inset shows the spectrum of the MISER) (c) Heterodyne beat note from output with second MISER


R. Nicolaescu, Th. Walther, E. S. Fry and M. Muendel, Ultra-narrow linewidth, efficient amplification of low power seed sources by a fiber amplifier, Appl. Opt. 38 (1999) 1784

CW Yb-doped fiber amplifiers

Operation of a two-staged Yb-doped fiber amplifier down to 1014.8 nm was demonstrated. In order to overcome ground state absorption at the signal wavelength the fiber was cooled down to liquid nitrogen temperatures.

Effect of cooling in the absorption cross-section
Broadband output spectra of the two stages of our fiber amplifier.


Albert Seifert, Mathias Sinther, Thomas Walther, Edward S. Fry, Narrow-linewidth, multi-Watt Yb:doped fiber amplifier at 1014.8 nm, Opens external link in new windowAppl. Opt. 45 (2006) 7908

Pulsed Fiber Amplifier

A three stage Yb-doped fiber amplifier exhibiting Fourier-transform limited pulses in the ns-regime has been demonstrated. The power was limited by the onset of stimulated Brillouin scattering. A careful optimization of fiber parameters was necessary in order to achieve the energy levels in question.

Peak power and energy per pulse as a function of the pulse duration for the second stage. The power was limited by the onset of stimulated Brillouin scattering (SBS).
Output energy of the third stage at the fundamental and after SHG. Again the energy was limited by the onset of SBS


Kai Schorstein and Thomas Walther, A high spectral brightness Fourier transform limited nanosecond Yb-doped fiber amplifier, Opens external link in new windowApplied Physics B 97 (2009)591

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